Hi, I'm monkeh42, and I make silly games with really big numbers.
Here's a link to my Discord server.
finished games
My first game from scratch and the only one I've actually finished so far. Heavily inspired by Antimatter Dimensions, of course.
still in development
My attempt at a decremental game. The goal is to stop moving. This is my current focus (still very early in development).
I'm working on a rewrite of NekromantiK with the goal of a. making the time layer more effective and b. extending the late game. Still in (very slow) development.
The time layer rewrite is complete, and that's currently the only difference from v1.
My first non-HTML/javascript game (made in Godot). The web version isn't working currently due to WebGL issues, this is an exe download (I promise it's not a virus). Featuring "voice acting" by yours truly.
If you see something here you like and want more content, let me know on Discord or at monkeh42.games@gmail.com.
I started this for the third Incremental Game Jam, themed "running out of", but I kinda ran out of ideas (heh).
(name is a work in progress)
This was mostly an experiment with procedural generation and Markov chains. The world map and territory names are generated procedurally for each save.
Before NekromantiK, there was Necromantree. It's a TPT mod that I eventually stopped working on in favor of a standalone game.